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ECOBAT Technologies is the world leader in the production and recycling of lead. Every day across the globe, the companies under our banner use cutting edge technology to produce lead and lead alloys of the highest quality – sustainably and with the target of zero harm.

With bases throughout Europe, the United States and Southern Africa, ECOBAT’s reach extends into dozens of countries worldwide. The ECOBAT mission is to ensure innovation in our sector with a focus on health and safety, environmental sustainability and high-quality products and services.

Closing the loop

Currently, ECOBAT is the only company in the world offering a closed recycling loop for lead-acid batteries. In addition, ECOBAT processes and supplies various forms of silver, lead anodes and sheet, zinc, aluminum, industrial minerals, plastics, and polyfoams, and provides services including spent battery collection and distribution of new batteries. Excellence is the watchword throughout all operations, but particularly in customer service, technical expertise and health, safety, and environmental matters.



Key Facts of the ECOBAT group

749,000t Pure Lead and Lead Alloys
110,000t Sulphuric Acid
74,000t Polypropylene
54,000t Sodium Sulphate
26,000t Lead Sheet and Flashings
16,000t Gypsum
8,000t Copper
422t Silver
815kg Gold
  • LME registered lead brands: BBU, BSB, Eco-Bat, F, GAST and HJ ENTHOVEN, Revere, RSR, STCM, and STOLBERG
  • Specific lead qualities: bismuth-enhanced and SUPERSOFT-ULTRA™, SUPERSOFT-HYCYCLE™ soft lead, calcium-silver
  • Doré silver, made in Germany
  • Trademarked polypropylene Seculene® and Reprolene®
  • Sulfuric acid and sodium sulfate
  • Certification according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 and ISO 50001

Products and Services


Precious Metals







Precious Metals




ECOBAT’s core business is the production of lead and lead alloys, mainly from recycled sources. Next to standard products, ECOBAT smelters are in the position to satisfy customer demands for highly specific lead and lead alloys. The latest developments include bismuth-enhanced lead, SUPERSOFT-ULTRA™, and SUPERSOFT-HYCYCLE™ soft lead.

The ECOBAT Sheet Division produces specialised rolled lead sheet at its two plants BLM British Lead in the UK and Le Plomb Français in France. Rolled lead sheet for the construction industry is manufactured to the strict tolerances of BS EN 12588 providing a consistent thickness and grain structure, all manufactured from 100% recycled raw material.
ECOBAT lead and lead products are used in a wide range of industries including batteries, buildings, chemicals, and nuclear.

LME registered lead brands: BBU, BSB, Eco-Bat, F, GAST and HJ ENTHOVEN, Revere, RSR, STCM and STOLBERG.

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The range of ECOBAT products also includes doré silver – which is won during the removal of precious metals from primary lead in our STOLBERG smelter. It contains 99.6 percent silver as well as gold and platinum.

Although the core business of BBH is lead, the company is a major silver producer in Germany. These anodes are very much in demand and sold to gold and silver refineries for further processing.

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As the main producer of high-grade PP compounds from secondary materials, the ECOBAT Technologies group is a leading partner for the automotive industry and its subcontractors.

The company operates several plastic extrusion plants for polypropylene (PP) throughout Europe. The PP compounds produced at BSB and MRU in Germany under the tradename Seculene® set standards in the world of polypropylenes. They are on a par with those produced from primary raw materials and are renowned for cost efficiency and flexibility of application.

In close cooperation with industrial partners and based on years of research, many different types of Seculene® PP have been developed and are still being optimised continuously.

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Dedicated to closing the recycling loop, ECOBAT operates highly efficient battery collection systems in Europe. All of them are certified recycling operations and legally compliant with the respective national requirements in the countries of operation.

In Germany and the UK, we have own compliance schemes.

Full service of ECOBAT Logistics means environmentally friendly collection and recycling of ANY BATTERY. ANYWHERE.

The comprehensive portfolio of this division is marketed under the tradename ONECALLCOLLECTION®. It includes professional consulting, on-site inspections, collection, proper handling of dangerous goods, dismantling, recycling, and refeeding to the production cycle.
The ECOBAT Logistics client base is wide-ranging, covering both public and private sector companies and organizations, industrial and commercial bodies.

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With 27 distribution sites across 7 countries and a team of technical experts with decades of experience, ECOBAT Battery Technologies is the largest independent battery distributor and distributor of stored energy products in Europe.

ECOBAT Battery Technologies provides batteries to all industries, for all applications. From O.E. car batteries to renewable energy sources, we offer the latest stored energy innovations from the world’s most respected battery brands.

ECOBAT Battery Technologies is the sole European license holder and distributor of Lucas and Rolls batteries and is the key distributor for Exide, Varta, US Battery, Trojan, and many others.

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