Battery Collection and Recycling

Dedicated to closing the recycling loop, ECOBAT operates highly efficient battery collection systems in Europe.

All of them are certified recycling operations and legally compliant with the respective national requirements in the countries of operation. Their customised logistics solutions guarantee an efficient recovery and the environmentally friendly recycling of any used battery.

In Germany and the UK, we have our own compliance schemes.

ECOBAT Logistics Range of Activities

The complete service offered by ECOBAT Logistics ensures the environmentally friendly collection and recycling of ANY BATTERY. ANYWHERE.

The comprehensive service portfolio this division offers come under the tradename ONECALLCOLLECTION®. It includes professional consulting, on-site inspections, collection, proper handling of dangerous goods, dismantling, recycling and refeeding to the production cycle.

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Any battery used to start or ignite of the engine of a vehicle, or for providing power and lighting used by such a vehicle.


Any battery or battery pack which is:

  • designed for industrial or professional use
  • used as a source of power for propulsion of an electric vehicle
  • unsealed, but is not an automotive battery
  • sealed, but is not a portable battery.


Any battery or battery pack which is sealed, and is neither an automotive nor industrial battery; Weight max. 4 kgs.

Comprehensive Solutions
Customer-Specific Consultations
Professional Collection of Loads of all sizes
Just-in-time Pickup







Comprehensive Solutions

Customer Specific Consultations

Professional Collection of Loads of All Sizes

Scheduled and Well-Timed Collection

Batteries and accumulators are essential components in cars, industrial trucks and industrial equipment. Therefore, an efficient disposal system at the end of their life is a key benefit for the operating company.

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Whichever battery chemistry you need to dispose of, or if you have scrap lead that needs processing, we have the solution for your business.

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The recovery and re-utilisation programme of EBL begins with a bespoke consultation, based on customer specifics: the size and type of the collection system required is discussed together with frequency and collection systems or substitution and pricing and documentation.

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As specialists in the recovery and re-utilisation of batteries and accumulators from businesses large and small, ECOBAT Logistics is able to professionally collect loads of any size.

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ECOBAT Logistics offers a timely collection service ensuring used batteries and full bins are removed and emptied when required.

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All ECOBAT Logistics waste management facilities are subject to the guidelines of quality management according to ISO 9001. The locations have been approved according to the federal immission control act.

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Fields of

Customers rely on the comprehensive services and broad collection areas for recovery from their premises and diverse locations.

The ECOBAT Logistics client base is geographically diverse, covering both public and private sector companies and organisations. It includes motor and bicycle traders, petrol stations, warehouses, waste brokers and municipal waste disposal organisations, car and battery manufacturers and many other industrial and commercial bodies.



Recycling within the ECOBAT
Technologies group

ECOBAT is a major global recycling company, incorporating best-practice in the collection and processing of used batteries and in the re-production of valuable components like lead, polypropylene and acid, which highlights our core philosophy and ecological and economical responsibilities.

Collect, Transportation
and storage

We provide a consultation service and specialist containers and we collect your used batteries in a timely manner, then transport them safely to one of our own, certified disposal facilities or qualified partners.


Recycling Process
and Energy recovery

We professionally process your used batteries in compliance with the highest safety and environmental standards – to protect the nature as well as our employees.


Resource production

We process the raw materials and turn them into lead, lead alloy, PP compounds, sulphuric acid and sodium sulphate amongst others.


Refeeding to the Production Cycle

We deliver the resources back to the lead battery industry, chemicals industry, electrical industry and automotive industry and therefore, together, we make an important contribution to ecological and socially responsible recycling of critical substances.



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